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Who are The 3 Brains?

The 3 Brains teach that there are three areas of neurological concentration considered to be “brain” centres that hugely influence our thoughts, feelings, words and actions. 

We use these three unique characters to illustrate and teach how the head, heart and gut connect with each other, specifically how their convergence inspires creativity, courage and compassion: values that are specific to wellbeing and personal development.

Wellbeing at School starts here

Could children be less worried?

Interactive, creative and fun workshops focusing on developing a healthy mind, body and values.


What People are Saying

An inspired approach that captivates children.

Hope Martin


I cannot rate this workshop highly enough; the coaches offer such a creative and empathetic approach to working with childhood stress.

Gaynor Sbuttoni

Educational Psychologist

This workshop really helped my daughter. The coaches offer such a different and positive approach to thinking about stress.

P. Hesketh-Gardener


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Are you overwhelmed?
Living with too much stress? This is the place to find the resources you need to manage overwhelm, school pressure and everday stress. 

Eleanor Roosevelt

We expect children to be able to share all sorts of treasures, from new toys to treats, information to friendship; yet the reality is that when grown ups say, “share that toy with your friend,” the child’s first experience is loss - they are losing physical contact...


With so many of us watching our children go into school this week, there are so many emotions to acknowledge!  This beautiful painting by Dan Hillier is Mother Earth embracing her baby. When looking at this beautiful image, I am reminded just how much energy...

This is Mr. Perfect!

This is Mr. Perfect! “Not even a hair out of place...” Being perfect requires a huge amount of energy and for children and teens this can lead to exhaustion, frustration, and low self-esteem. These limiting beliefs and negative thoughts are far from the perfect...

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