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Our interactive, creative and upbeat workshops focusing on developing your healthy mind, body and values.

Supporting wellbeing through Creativity, Compassion and Courage.


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Where It All Began

The 3 Brains projects are a collaborative process of Melissa writing and Sarah illustrating their unique content to make it not only accessible, but impactful and meaningful for both you and your child.

Our workshops are specifically designed to raise awareness of how emotional wellbeing can be positively and proactively supported through creativity, compassion and courage.

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Meet your Wellbeing Coaches.

We teamed up to bring you the best combination of wellbeing practices incorporating creativity, teaching and mindfulness.

As an artist, engineer, designer and health coach Sarah connects scientific research with creativity and through fun, practical journaling exercises, Sarah has designs logical, empowering visual frameworks for a coaching approach that enables you to successfully achieve and enjoy significant, healthy habit changes.

Sarah Jane Vickery

Illustrator, Author, Designer, Engineer, Cert. Health Coach, B.Sc.E(Hons.), DipI, PHC

Melissa is an experienced head teacher and founder of an Ofsted “Outstanding” independent school with an extensive background in wellbeing. Connecting her professional teaching expertise with compassion and through fun, creative coaching, she empowers you to achieve beyond your expectations.

Melissa L. Carter

Family Life Coach & Teacher, PG.Dipl. PGCE, Bsc(Hons.), IAIM, EMO, EFT





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Creativity is a way of living life that embraces originality and makes unique connections between seemingly disparate ideas. Creative thinking means looking at something in a new way. It is the very definition of “thinking outside the box.”


Compassion is a way of living life with loving kindness, care and support of others and ourselves. Being compassionate means evolving our emotional intelligence. It is the fulfilment of the emotional development of every being.


Courage is a way of living life with grit and resilience.  Courageous behaviour means responding to genuine risk appropriately with clear thought and bravery. It is mastering emotions and taking action that is consistent with personal values. 

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