Neuropsychologists and researchers looking at the effect of positive psychology tools have found that a significant number of us do not feel as if we are enough.  This deficit manifests in health symptoms and negative behaviours – being one of the main contributors to lack of self-belief, lack of confidence and lack of personal growth.
When we spend time comparing ourselves, we receive two significant pieces of information through feedback – Firstly,  we can see ourselves as better than the other person, and secondly, we can see ourselves as less than the other person. When we compare ourselves to others, it is rare that we see our true selves, that we validate who we are.
When we can move out of the realm of comparison and take away the other person, we have ourselves to focus on.  Research has discovered that when we look at ourselves in a mirror, deeply into our own eyes, and say, “I am enough” over an elongated period of time, several interesting changes begin to take place within and around us.
As we are seen, we feel acknowledged. From this acknowledgement, we feel present.  From this presence, we feel a sense of “I am.”  From the position of “I am”, we feel whole. When we feel whole, we feel together.  When we feel together, we feel able. When we are able, we can do.  When we can do, we can create. When we can create, we can make connections.  When we can make connections, we can grow.  When we can grow, we can thrive. When we thrive, we are enough – in fact we are more than enough.
Each day, look in the mirror, see into your eyes, with compassion, speak one simple statement, “I am enough.”