A powerful approach to family life coaching. “WHY TELL HEALING AND TEACHING STORIES TO KIDS AND TEENS? “Do you remember what it was like as a young child to have a parent or grandparent sit on the side of your bed at night and read a story that gave you permission to journey into your own fantasies? How the magic of the story engaged you, entranced you, changed you into a different yet somehow familiar character, and took you into experiences you may not yet have encountered? How, in the process, you discovered something new about yourself, felt the emotion of reaching the tale’s conclusion, and shared a special intimacy with the teller?
From time immemorial, stories, legends, and parables have been effective and preferred meth- ods for communicating information, teaching values, and sharing the important lessons of life. Just hearing those often-expressed four words “Once upon a time . . .” is like an instant switch from reality to pretense or to an altered level of processing. They are like a hypnotic induction, an invitation to participate in a unique relationship with both the teller and the story’s characters. They are words that invite the listener on a journey into a world of imagination where reality may be suspended, and learning can be achieved. “