Could you be less stressed? We have tools to help.

Emotional wellbeing starts here! Discover our interactive, creative and upbeat workshops focusing on developing your healthy mind, body and values.


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The 3 Brains Wellbeing Workshop

Supporting wellbeing through Creativity, Compassion and Courage.

Interactive, creative and upbeat workshops focusing on developing your healthy mind, body and values.

A whole school approach is the most meaningful and impactful way to build resilience and wellbeing in your staff and pupils, including those who are more vulnerable.

Young Minds 2018

Why a Wellbeing Workshop?

Child mental health is at the forefront of excellent pastoral care. Learning how to develop yourself and interact with others, are key skills to wellbeing.

Investing in students wellbeing enriches their personal development, enhances the classroom environment, build freindships, encourages self-expression, increases confidence which reduces overwhelm and absenteeism.

Meet The Controllables

What’s The Controllables Workshop all about?

Through inquisitive and compassion-focussed coaching your students will experience an entirely different creative and inspired approach. It’s a new way of looking at self-care. 

They will gain indispensable tools to manage worries both in school and in everyday life using The Controllables.

Questioning Path

Recognise and be mindful of anxiety patterns.


Into Action

Dig deep using creative and fun exercises.

Your Toolkit

Apply and take-away tools for  students.


What People are Saying

“Love the concept that is suitable for my children and for us as parents.”

Iliana Flick, Parent

“I cannot rate this workshop higly enough. The coaches offer such a creative and empathetic approach to working with childhood stress.”

Gaynor Sbuttoni,
Educational Psychologist

“Food for thought for our own wellbeing. I am sure each person will make a small change to create positive ripples.”

Tania Oko, Parent

“Helps you to reconnect with your child and gives you tools to help them.”

Ruth Menezes, Parent

Do we do workshops for Schools? Yes!

Who is this for?

Sessions are adaptable for both Key Stages. We recommend the workshops for Years 2 – 6.

We have a parallel parent workshop and teacher session to complement and reinforce the skills.

What’s included?

The workshop includes journaling activities, group activities, engaging discussion, take-away tools plus the opportunity to stay in contact with the coaches for ongoing parent and teacher support.